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Toddler Room

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The Toddler Room is for infants and toddlers between 14 months and 24 months old (approx.). It is a happy, safe, fun and stimulating environment where more varied activities take place. Our staff can often be found encouraging the toddlers to engage in all sorts of different activities!

Hands on activities

At this age, children love to explore, investigate and question the world around them. Therefore we provide lots of hands on activities to help stimulate natural curiosity such as painting, sand and water play, mark-making, messy play, play dough and cooking activities to develop creative skills.

Themed activities

The Toddler Room follow age appropriate plans where they are encouraged to participate in themed activities which are designed to promote all areas of their development. Our themes are changed every 6–8 weeks and are on display for parents to read along with our daily activities sheet where you can see in more detail what activities your child has participated in throughout the day. Some examples of the themes that we cover are animals, nursery rhymes, transport, colours shapes and numbers and the weather. We also display photographs (with consent) of your child participating in these activities and display their work on the boards within the room.

Outdoor play

We also enjoy the benefits of fantastic outdoor space, which is utilised at every opportunity. Our outdoor areas offer a variety of age appropriate equipment, as well as stimulating features and sensory play areas such as sand pits and playhouses.

Your child’s day

At the end of each session a member of the Toddler Room team will always be available to discuss your child’s day with you and to keep you updated on your child’s progress and developments.

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