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The Babyroom is for infants up to 15 months old where they receive the extra care and attention that they need within their first 15 months of life. It is a happy, safe, fun and stimulating environment where varied activities take place. It also provides a calm and quiet environment which is designed to make the transition from home life to Daycare Centre life an easy one for both parents and child. The Babyroom is a bright and colourful space where we encourage the babies to experience lots of music, singing and playing. We have sand and water play with a separate sensory room, all of which promote their skills to develop.

Regular craft activities such as painting, mark making, messy play and gluing are provided with their creations being displayed within the room. We have a separate garden area for this age group where they are encouraged to develop their gross motor skills by using the large apparatus and giving plenty of encouragement to crawl and walk. We enjoy regular walks taking in the natural environment around us. A full baby led weaning programme is offered and we also welcome parents to breast feed their baby at the Daycare Centre.

Experienced staff

Our Babyroom staff are trained and experienced in caring for infants and young children and are there to offer you support and guidance with any changes in your their routine/developments.

Your child’s day

At the end of the session your child’s key person or member of the Babyroom team will make sure that they are available to share with you any information about your child’s day as well as pass on any important messages. You will also be given a daily record which will tell you in more detail about feeding, sleep and nappy changing times.

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