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Our mission statement and aims


  1. To provide a challenging, yet supportive environment to stimulate, maintain and develop, a lively enquiring mind
  2. To encourage all children to reach their true potential and eventually become independent learners who value learning with and from others i.e. have a positive attitude to life-long learning
  3. To value application, perseverance, initiative and independence of thought and action, as well as co-operative endeavours
  4. To develop in children a sense of moral values which can form a framework for a sense of own worth, and relationships with others, so that children become responsible members of society
  5. To develop in the children a positive attitude towards themselves and others with a strong sense of self respect. Also to develop a sense of respect for other people’s property, ideas and beliefs irrespective of gender, race, disability or academic achievement, etc.
  6. To appreciate human achievements, failures and aspirations
  7. To develop positive attitudes towards and concern for the environment


To offer a broad based curriculum in order to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, promote enjoyment in learning, and to provide knowledge/skills to equip children for work and leisure as active, confident and responsible members of a rapidly developing society.


  1. To develop a Daycare Centre community
  2. To foster close relationships between the Daycare Centre, the children’s homes and the local community.

These aims have guided the construction of our schemes of work, aims and various Centre policies, e.g:

  1. equal opportunities, differentiation, multicultural and gender;
  2. responding to children’s work, parental and community liaison;
  3. behaviour;
  4. health and safety;
  5. assessment;
  6. caregiver training and caregiver absence.

By implementing these and other policies, schemes of work, curricular aims and objectives, the Centre’s aims can be put into practice.

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